Sports Massage Therapy vs. Normal Massage Therapy

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While normal body massages focus on the relaxation of muscles and relieving pain and discomfort to allow you to loosen up, sports massage has a much different focal point. Sports massage therapy is for athletes and sportsmen and it aims to maximise their performance goals by preventing internal and/or external injuries.


Improved Performance vs. Increased Comfort

Sports massage is designed to boost an athlete’s physical performance by enhancing their physical strength and endurance. It also helps athletes recover from injuries faster and reduces the recovery duration.

The massage therapy isn’t necessarily always relaxing and can feel intense at times when certain muscles are targeted for better performance. In contrast to this, a regular massage therapy focuses on ensuring that the person feels relieved, comfortable, and is free of anxiety and stress. Instead of boosting their performance and productivity, it aims to rejuvenate your mind and body.


Prevention Vs. Relaxation Of Sore Muscles

Sports massage is known to promote strength by preventing the muscles from becoming sore after exercise. As a result, it helps extend the time period you can continue to exercise without it becoming unbearable for your body muscles.

Sports massage is completely different from a regular massage therapy, which promotes the relaxation of sore muscles after exercise. It increases relaxation and helps relieves the pressure from your muscles only after the onset of the pain, and unlike sports massage therapy, it doesn’t strengthen your muscles beforehand.


Variance In The Targeted Muscle Groups            

Sports massage is much more specialised and specific to the individuals who actively engage in sports and have athletic lifestyles. Although other forms of massages can relax their muscles, sports massage therapy targets specific muscle groups. It applies pressure on certain body parts to improve their functionality, which can enhance your performance by a great amount, activating the necessary muscles that were previously not active adequately. This activation of, and attention towards, the special muscle groups that can boost athletes’ potential, is not a part of the regular massage therapy framework and fails to cater to the advanced needs of athletes.

Since this form of therapy is much more specific to the needs of athletes, it entails a wide range of techniques that are used distinctly for each athlete, based on his/her needs and performance goals. The purpose of a sports massage differs from that of a regular massage session.

Unlike a regular massage, sports massage has a more significant impact on an individual’s performance. The therapy can help you boost your capabilities and strength if you’re a competitive athlete looking to build up his/her vigour.

The broad range of techniques that are available under this category of therapy are very specific to the needs of each athlete and focus on their particular target groups that need more attention. Check out our website to avail these services, and to know more!