Great Stretches for Older People

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Stretching is great for older people as it increases flexibility and helps them move with ease. When older people are stuck in one place, having nothing to do and nowhere to go, they tend to get lazy, which causes multiple health issues.


Benefits of stretching

  • Regulation in blood flow
  • Reduced stress
  • Injury prevention because of increased mobility
  • Manifestation of a happier and improved mood


Best Stretches for Older People

Here are some of the best stretches that can be beneficial for older people:


·        Chin Drop

Chin drops are a great way to help reduce tightness around the neck and shoulders. These stretches also provide instant relief from neck pain. Chin drops can be easily done at home. All you have to do is to push your hands forward until your elbows and palms are facing each other, join them together, and pull your chin downwards until you feel it stretching.


Whenever you are attempting chin drop, make sure that your neck and shoulders are stretching. Older people may find this a bit difficult to do, but just a couple of minutes will help settle them.


·        Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching is effective for older people as it requires continuous movement every few seconds. Older people may find it difficult to hold a pose for a longer period of time. Therefore, one of the most effective ways for them to stretch is to perform what’s known as dynamic stretches.

Dynamic stretching helps loosen your muscle and regulate their movement, actively helping in mobility.


·        Arm Opener

Arm openers are a great way to induce movement in your shoulder, chest, and arms. Older people may find it hard to lift their arms for a longer period of time. It is, therefore, recommended for them to invest their time in stretches so that they can improve their flexibility.


You can easily include an arm opener into your routine. All you have to do is to stand comfortably with your legs apart and keep your arms interlaced behind your back. Once you have done that, lift your arms slowly away from your tail bone, and repeat the process.


·        Yo-Yo Stretch

As you get older, your posture tends to suffer. Yo-yo stretches are great for your posture. They also help align your back, giving it a proper shape, curing your back pain in the process.


Yo-yo stretches are one of the easiest exercises for older people. All they have to do is to stand comfortably, keeping their feet apart and interlacing their fingers in front of their chest. They have to move from side to side while their hands are moved away from their chest.


Repeat the process a couple of times and try to keep the lower back straight. Not only will it keep your posture straight, but it will also reduce back pain.


Stretching is important for people from all walks of life, but more so for older people who have a hard time moving on their own.