You Should Also Stretch After Playing Sports

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16:18 PM

You may have heard your fitness expert suggesting “always stretch before participating in any sports or physical activity," but did you know that stretching after playing sports is equally important.


Stretching at the end of the workout or sports can help improve muscle flexibility, reduce muscle tension and lactic acid build-up in the muscles and reduce the risk of injury.


But when you are running low on time following a sports session, stretching after playing sports may take a backseat, and you may be tempted to skip it. Let's take a closer look at some of the reasons why you should stretch after playing sports.


Stretching Increases Flexibility

Perhaps the most significant advantage of stretching after playing sports is increased flexibility. Stretching improves the flexibility of different muscle groups, which helps them bring back to a more comfortable state following a training session.


Over time, with regular after-sports stretching, the body becomes more flexible, improving strength and endurance.


Reduces Muscle Tension

Sports sessions are an example of an intense workout. Once you play any sports, your heart rate increases. All the muscles in your body need more oxygen which improves blood circulation. However, given the intensity of your workout, your body may not be getting the required oxygen. As a result, your muscles may end up working without an adequate oxygen supply. What happens next is the built-up of lactic acid in your muscles that cause muscle fatigue and soreness and causes muscle tension.


But when you stretch after playing sports, you eliminate the lactic acid that is accumulated inside your muscles. Hence you end up reducing the risk of muscle fatigue and help your muscles relax more quickly.


Improves Range of Motion

When you do not stretch your body, your muscles lose flexibility, and over time, it becomes difficult to use them to total capacity. But when you stretch your muscle after playing sports, it will allow you to use your muscles with a greater range of motion.


Help Prevent Injury

When your muscles are at ease, and your body is adequately cooled down following a sports session, there is a lesser risk of injury.


Moreover, stretching after playing sports also gives you mental clarity and relaxes your mood so you can pay better attention to your game and your body while playing, reducing your risk of injury.


Stretching is critical for people of all ages, but it is essential for sportsmen. Not only is stretching essential at the beginning of a sports session, but it is also equally important towards the end of it. Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are several other reasons why stretching is great for you after playing sports. So make sure you stretch after playing sports and stay fit. Connect today to find out more about Sports and Family Chiropractic.