How remedial massage can help with my aches and pains

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If you asked the average person, most have a distorted perception of massage. Either they see it as a sensual activity or as something associated with going to a spa or resort. They may even see it as something that professional athletes use after big games or events.

However, what is often missed is that remedial massage can be a beneficial way to reduce, even alleviate your aches and pains. In fact, it can provide wonders beyond what you may imagine.


Benefits of Massage

Massage has been around for thousands of years. Many of the pharaohs in the Egyptian time and emperors in the great age of ancient China were depicted receiving massages. This was viewed as a medical treatment to help the rulers with ailments associated with their feet, back, and legs. Fast forward to today, and it is just as true that people can benefit from the positive effects of getting a massage.

A lot of our chronic pain is caused by the body’s reaction to something. While you may have seriously injured yourself in some type of accident at work, home, or on the field, many people feel the effects of chronic pain due to stress and tension.

This problem is actually rooted in your response to stress. When you get aggravated or scared about something, your “fight or flight” reaction kicks in. This is what your body does to react to stressful situations. Over time, if you are enduring continual stress, anxiety, and fear, your body is going to continuously overreact to this stress. This causes your muscles to tense, your joints to stiffen, and for circulation to decrease. Over time, this can create several physical problems for you.


Loosen and relax stiff muscles and joints

Remedial massage can help to loosen those stiff muscles and joints. Just as a professional athlete needs to have their muscles decompressed and relax after a big game, you may need this same type of treatment to help you with your chronic pain. Massage helps to decrease cortisol, the hormone in your body that is associated with stress, helping you to be able to relax.

At the same time, massage stimulates pleasurable feelings and you. These pleasurable feelings are just comfort and relaxation. It feels good to have someone touch your skin, and it feels even better when they are able to work out those sore spots on your body. As a result, your body releases serotonin which elevates your mood. You feel better.

This becomes a positive cycle for you. Continual massage will help to loosen those sore and tense muscles. It will also give you greater mobility and a more positive outlook on life. As you begin to feel better about life, you will feel less stress, which will alleviate the fight or flight syndrome continuously going on.


Works with Chronic Problems

One of the best benefits of massage is that even those who are suffering from chronic, prolonged pain can find a great deal of relief from this technique. Several studies have found that massage helps to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This reduces inflammation and provides important nutrients to the entire body, which helps to restore and rejuvenate cells.

Over time, you are going to find that this can be a source of incredible comfort for you. That chronic back, foot, knee, or neck pain will no longer be an issue, and you will feel much better about the direction your life is headed.